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Web Reaper is web spider or crawler to view any websites locally
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Web Reaper is web spider or crawler that gives you the ability to view any websites locally without the need of being connected to the internet by working its way through a website and downloading all pictures, images, videos and objects that are found.

The program will save the websites locally as fully browsable websites, which means you can view them with any browser whether it's Netscape, Opera, or Internet Explorer or any other. You can use the explorer offline mode and surf the saved websites by hand.

You must enter a starting URL then click on the Go button, which will enable the program to download the page parsing the HTML on its way looking for links and objects. Then it will extract this list and download them all. This process will continue until either your hard disk gets full or there are no more links to download. The HTML links of the locally saved files will be adjusted to be able to browse them as if they were being read directly from the Internet.

You can construct custom hierarchical filters from 12 different filter types to permit targeted downloads, so the download is totally configurable. You can also either handcraft complex filters or built ones using the Filter Wizard.

Drag and drop links from/to internet Explorer/Netscape is supported.
Downloading multi threads is available.
The flash support of SHOCKWAVE downloads and fixes up SWF movies for local browsing.
To avoid reloading unchanged pages the RESUME mode will read locally saved files.
Filter and deep configuration can be saved with associated URLs by the URL Profiles, which will lead to easy re-reaping in the future.
Websites behind firewalls or with passwords will be reaped with the PROXY and website authentication option.

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